Outside UK - Our Relationship with Nature

This book as been revised and updated and will very soon be going to print.

The games contained in this book can be played with family and friends and your children.

However, the updates lean more towards the therapeutic aspects of working with these games with people in nature from addiction to disaffected youth.

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Our Relationship with Nature
Outside the UK - Exploring Bird Language

This book is packed with 20 plus games all designed to help us engage with the bird world, by developing a relationship with them through play.

It is an excellent resource which can be used to support anyone who runs bird language courses.

This is book is also being listed as recommended reading at the University of California-Davis in the USA as part of Jon Young's Bird Language Leadership Programme.

UK Only

Exploring Bird Language
There are now only a handful of this book left.
This is the first of a series of new books. I have designed them for kindle.

In this book I shall share with you my experiences from around the world.

These experiences are brought together from my 22 years in the army, my travels around the world and my birding experiences.

Some of the story's are funny, some are serious but the overall aim is to take you on a journey of experiences, which I hope you will enjoy.     OUT SOON