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Due to the popularity of our courses.

We are looking for other venues
particularly in Europe to run our courses. If you would like to host a course. Please do get in touch.

Perhaps you are looking for something more bespoke.

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Spending time with Geoffrey on a 1:2:1 basis on the Nature Therapy course enabled me to go much deeper with my forest school teaching. I was expecting to develop my teaching and thus the children’s learning but I was not expecting to connect more with myself. I often thought… how did I do that?

I was really buzzing when I left and genuinely feel different: I am a more confident practitioner now. The children have benefited hugely from Geoffrey’s ‘games’ and have responded so positively to all of them. Teachers have noted improved listening and concentration and team work in the classroom as well. We’re all winning! I cannot recommend this course highly enough.

Tara Bell - 2016
During the interview I talk about my approach to counselling in nature. Working in rehab and in nature helped me to develop my Natural Awareness Programme too the level it is at today.

Geoffrey is one of the most interesting people I have ever worked with, and one of the most humane, gentle and kind people I have ever met...  He is dedicated to the cause of helping others through his professional experience... extremely positive in all his actions and can feel the individual need of the client.

I would recommend Geoffrey without a second thought...

Tiago Mortensen. Senior Counsellor

Training with Geoffrey has been transformative. I was fortunate enough to start a 7 step programme with him recently with the goal of learning skills to help in my Forest Schools practice...

I would highly recommend him to anyone in the outdoor education field to improve your practice, as well as anyone requiring a counsellor or looking to understand the
natural world at a deeper level.

Martin Ingvar Carter

Outdoor Education Officer


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"A fox cub learns to hunt through play"

"More and more Practitioners are looking to help others through Mindfulness Nature Connection".

Do you have fears, frustrations or uncertainties that the interventions you are using need something extra?

Do you sometimes wish you could make a breakthrough that can bring real change?

Would you like to add another string to your bow? One that would benefit your clients, you and your employer.

If your answer is YES. Then, I have something to tell you… Working with Nature is a Win, Win Model. This is achieved through

Rewilding Our Experiences.

This Course Can

Dramatically Help The Way You

Interact With Your Clients

At the HEART of the course is that we approach it based on your Philosophy & by providing you with a range of tools which will help in your work

Geoffrey will share with you his Natural Awareness approach which has helped other professionals in their own professional development

Natural Awareness promotes behavioural, cognitive and effective change. Geoffrey delivers an integrated approach that works synergistically with other models like:

Cognitive Behavioural Techniques (CBT)
Transactional Analysis (TA) -
12-Steps, Gestalt and Psychodynamic

In Fact:

"The Results Are GREATER Than

A Single Model Used In Isolation"

As a therapeutic process and an intervention, Natural Awareness supports and compliments mainstream models

Geoffrey's approach is based on his own experiences working within the field of addiction and disaffected youth and other client groups, in the UK, the USA and Europe.

Who is it for?

Professionals like: Forest School Practitioners - Counsellors - Teachers - Therapists - Social Workers - Coaches - Early Years - Psychologists - Psychotherapists - Support Workers - Police and many more...

What is it about?

The programme is designed to show you the effectiveness of working with nature. The programme employs a series of outdoor activities, and other tools including bird language

Some of the activities used in the curriculum

Find Your Tree - The Bigger Picture - The Hedgehog Circle - The Earth Tree and The Invisible's - Observation Trail - Drum Stalk - Plant Meditation - Energy Tracking - Tracking Your Story - Fox the Fox - Animal Tag - Belly Button - Tracking Intentions - Counselling with a Natural Item - Concentric Rings - Introduction to Bird Language Plus Many More...

The choice of activity will be determined by the needs of the group or individual at any given training.

What will you get from it?

  • A certificate of up to 20 hrs CPD
  • A FREE 45 minute follow up session via Skype/phone
  • You will gain the confidence to take your work outside
  • You will learn how to bring your own style, colour, and flavour to the work that you do
  • It will enhance your level of awareness of the power of nature
  • You will experience a powerful connection nature
  • Gain insight to the benefits it will have for your clients

Where are the courses held?

Courses are held outdoors in woods, parks or along the coast

'Rewilding our Experiences'
Germany Level One
12th - 15th October 2017

Up to 20 hours CPD

This course is done in English and translated into German

This course is Fully Catered

There is limited accommodation and is on a first come first serve basis

This course takes place just outside Berlin

12th - 15th October 2017

'Rewilding our Experiences'
Level One

Up to 20 hours CPD

This course is Self-Catering

Camping Only

The course is held in North Devon


I get many requests from people wishing to volunteer, with the aim of understanding how I work. At present I am not able to take on volunteers.

However, should you wish to attend one of my workshops, there may be an opportunity for you to come back and help out on the same workshop you have attended.

Developing Your Own Nature-Therapy Business

From time to time I get requests about how I set up my business in Nature-based Therapy.

I am happy to share this information with folks, please contact me for details and costs about how to develop your own business.

Pay your deposit now to secure your place on the course of your choice. Download your booking form and send it in with the rest of your payment.
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