Are You looking for something different?

How About A Dose Of 'Vitamin-N'

As an executive, connecting with nature will allow you to make new and inspired choices


Are you an executive in need of support?

I will work with you in nature either in the UK or over seas. I can travel to your location or you can experience one of our wilderness retreats, from Scandinavia to the Cariabian or we can just experience the UK.

The experiences are designed to meet your needs as either CEOs, senior directors or managers.

I can visit issues due to personal or professional demands that are placed upon you.

One of the ways I can help you to achieve a connection with nature, which allows you to explore your internal landscape through your experiences of your external landscape is:

Tracking: You can work on your own or with a select executive team forming a four person tracking team or two.

You will be presented with challenging scenarios in which team members will need to follow a trail in pursuit of a live quarry, looking for ground and top-sign over a varied terrain.

Tracking teams need to be carefully managed so that information, once collected, is fed back to the lead tracker in a timely and detailed manner, enabling him/her to make correct deductions based upon all the available evidence.

Geoffrey has an amazing creativity and intuition. I highly recommend his work to help your clients to overcome intellectual defense mechanisms.

Philippe Jacquet - Psychotherapist

Is there someone on your team in need of support?

I work with people from all backgrounds to help them find their own way to get back on their track. By observing their relationship with nature I am able to guide them to a greater understanding of themselves.

I will never forget it, it was a most memorable day in the forest. I experienced natural phenomenon I had been skeptical about. Pathfinder-UK unlocked some secrets I would have missed or disregarded through indifference.

As a result, it hasn't changed my life, but it has enriched some of life's qualities. I recommend anyone, at any age, and with any background should benefit from the same opportunity Pathfinder-UK offered us.

Andy Tomkinson - Director of Business Continuity

Do you need someone to work with your team as a whole?

“The natural environment combined with Pathfinder-UK's approach produced outcomes that I can't imagine happening in the same timescale in a conventional setting.”

Annemarie - Cinematographer
What Other Professionals Had To Say...

“Pathfinder-UK is pioneering the use of nature connection with great results. Their style is inspiring but down to earth and also brings high levels of personal integrity to their work.”

Richard Gould - Gould Ecology

“Geoffrey has an innate sense of oneness with nature which is both, awe inspiring and infectious. He opens up a world to his clients that most of us could never have guessed was there. His approach to addiction is innovative and hugely successful. There are very few people in this world that one can say “I would trust him with my life" but amazingly, on his courses, I would and it would be true. Everyone should have the chance to experience nature in the raw and there is no better guide than.”

Wendy Aliker

Senior Principal, Consultant, Reserch Fellow Tanaka Business School Insight

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Making different choices for your team will enable them to realise their full potential

The Team:


Pathfinder-UK has developed a refreshing, innovative, bespoke programme that taps into our innate ancestral skills, which rekindles our connection with nature. This helps to elicit changes through connecting with nature, resulting in experiences that allows people to look at how they can form a different perspective on how they operate as an individual and as a team.

I have a hand-picked team of skilled personal who will work with company directors to provide a bespoke training plan developed specifically for the needs of your people and your company.

Coaching takes place almost exclusively outdoors where connections with nature and the natural world are made.

Outcomes for the Company:
  • Making each component stronger as an individual develops, this will benefit all in the long term
  • Staff turnover is reduced
  • Potentially increased revenue/productivity
  • Decrease in complaints or problems
  • A greater understanding of the needs of others, pacifically customers
  • Less is more by having the ability to deal with an unexpected situation through connecting with others needs
  • Increased market awareness
  • Your staff will experience, see and understand the importance of the following within any group
  • Enhance and develop the performance of individual staff and therefore the company
  • Develop individual nature connections and understanding of nature for the greater good of the team
  • Introduce “new” (once known but now forgotten) ways of improving communication by developing potentially under used senses
  • Improve an individual’s ability to communicate, with themselves, and with others
  • Encourages people to feel good about them-selves and to extend this to others

Outcomes for Individuals:

  • Connecting with Nature through the use of the elements, animals, flora, bird
  • Builds Trust
  • Promotes Confidence & Self-Esteem
  • Improves Communication
  • They learn about themselves
  • They get to put new thinking into place
  • They draw upon an innate skill set
  • It promotes independence and cooperation
  • It helps to develop creativity
  • It promotes problem solving and life skills
  • They achieve things they never thought possible
  • Encourages individuals to take personal responsibility
  • They feel that the company cares about them
  • Promotes respect for oneself and others