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‘Extinction of Experience’

Our Natural Awareness Nature-based Therapy Workshop, which was recently held just outside Berlin was a great success.

With a full course we explored different aspects of working with people in nature and even came up with some new thoughts and ideas as a direct result of playing some of the games and activities and the challenges that came from them.

This is what I love about this type of work, nature presents us with different ways to look at who we are and how we do our work.

My approach is to provide you with a range of tools to work with your client group based on your philosophy. You take what you need from the workshop and you bring your own style, colour and flavour to how you approach your work in the field.

I will share and show you how I work, and we will explore together the different ways of working with different client groups.

We like to do group photo's that are not the norm.

Germany: ‘Extinction of Experience’ is a very popular workshop  We will be running two in 2017 and we are introducing our first level 2 workshop.

The workshops are fully catered and are held just outside Berlin.

Date:   July 2017 TBC

Date:   Aug 2017 TBC

"Isn't it good science to test all idea's
before discounting it simply because
it lies outside the box?"

Randall, L, Savoy Phd.
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