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‘Extinction of Experience’

Natural Awareness Nature Therapy Workshop is being held in the following countries.These courses are open to people from other countries and not just those people in country, come and join us in a different environment to the one you live in. If you would like to join one of these courses follow the relevant links:          

Sweden: VaraVild Tracking & Earth Living School is owned by Peter Friebel. Peter will be hosting this course for the 1st time.

The environment is exciting as  there is a chance you might see Moose

Date: June 10th - 12th 2016

   Italy Date:     TBC                                       


Germany: This will be the third time that the ‘Extinction of Experience’ will be hosted by Isabel Knauf in Germany.

Isabel an inspiring advocate of nature connection. The course will be held near to Berlin.

Date:     October 13th - 16th 2016

United Kingdom: Come and join us in this uplifting course on nature-based interventions through play and other activities.

Date:     July 1st - 5th 2016
"Isn't it good science to test all idea's
before discounting it simply because
it lies outside the box?"

Randall, L, Savoy Phd.

News Letter:

Hi Everyone, I trust that you are all enjoying what the summer has to offer and that you are getting out into nature and having fun. I would like to bring you up to date on events that are taking place here at Pathfinder-UK


Just to let you know that I am running a course for Natural Awareness and nature connection in Berlin. This course is open to people from the UK and Europe and the rest of the world. If you would like to know more or acquire a booking form please do contact me for details. This course was a big success last year.

I shall be bringing nature connection to an American school in Paris this also involves standing up in assembly for a short talk. Last time I stood up in assembly was to have a one conversation with the head, him to me.... who remembers that happening to them?

If you would like to train in Natural Awareness either here in the UK or abroad get in touch, as you can see I can deliver a course at your location.


I have just run an Energy Tracker course, with great results. This was 1-2-1 tracking over a two day period. I have to say Bob was well up for it and he gained a lot of insight into tracking from a different perspective and on how to integrated it in his already established tracking skills. Enjoy working with your new skills Bob.

There are two tracking courses coming up, they are the Human tracker and the Navigation tracker. Both are being held in Kent, if you would like to experience tracking using skills not taught by other schools then go to the relevant page in the menue bar to book your place. There are still places remaining.

I hope some of this has wet your appetite I look forward to hearing from you very soon.


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